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Exilis Elite Treatment

Pulastya Skin Clinic introduces the second-generation monopolar radiofrequency (RF) device for patients seeking safe and effective body shaping and skin tightening. Besides a much more powerful applicator, Elite’s advanced cooling allows for layering of RF energy at various depths. There is also uniform heating of the targeted tissue, and smarter electronics avoid arcing and sparking. The Exilis Elite’s ability to achieve the same or better results in fewer treatment sessions is another big advantage for patients.

The most important feature of the Elite handpiece – contributing greatly to its superior safety profile – is its ability to immediately stop the delivery of energy once the handpiece loses contact with the skin. Unlike ordinary systems that may potentially create sparking or arcing that can lead to discomfort or even a skin burn, constant monitoring prevents this from occurring. Impedance Intelligence also allows for subtle adjustments in energy; for example, from the cheek to the chin to the neck.

Another upgrade to Elite is an illuminated tip that complements the auditory signal of the older model. A continuous blue glow indicates that you are positioned properly and delivering desired heat to the entire dermis. If the light starts to blink, contact with the skin is not adequate and high impedance is being detected. The illuminated tip ensures a greater level of consistent thermal delivery and patient safety.

Elite’s additional power also allows for fewer treatment sessions to tighten and lift the mid-lower face and neck. As a result, three to five monthly treatments have been reduced to just two sessions, spaced as little as two weeks apart, each lasting about 40 minutes